Insurers will end up bankrupt if they must accept people w/med. conditions?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. As taking care of these dead-walking people gets really expensive?
  2. Why? Just deny reimbursements and coverage and require each of the insured to go through 1 -2 years in federal court court suing them. 90% will give up, die or be too poor to do the court battle. Even if they win the appeal process can take another year or two. In the end they will save much more than any penalty imposed.

    This is why they are pushing so hard for tort reform and limits on awards. If you know the most you can be held liable for is $250K and 90% of the time they don;t even get sued. You have a money printing operation... The 10% that go the 9 yards through court can simply be confidentially settled without any bad publicity or anyone knowing otherwise. This is America land of the lawyers ;)

    Insurance contracts are broken and confidentially settled everyday.
    The main benefit for the insurance companies are they are now governed under one set of Federal laws preempting all State insurance laws. Just like ERISA for company retirement and benefit plans... the insured is barred from filing suit under state laws or even filing a federal suit without going through at least 2 appeal processes and even then the federal court always starts by with a mediation order.

    I wouldn't worry about the insurance companies... they are masters at this game.
  3. Everyone should just cancel their health insurance.