Insurance insider tells how insurance companies plot to exclude patients.

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  1. This is why the health care lobby is fighting to the death to prevent Obamas health care plan from passing,they know they will no longer be able to do this shit
  2. good stuff, thanks for posting
  3. Good article. They force people with insurance claims that are too high (risk) out of insurance plan to keep a medical ratio for the stock holders. So they are saying you are only safe with insurance if you do not spend too much of it.
  4. Don't you just love those commercials that threaten a "government bureaucrat" will get between you and the medical attention you need? (Rather than one of the insurance company's bean counters, of course.)
  5. How dare you post stuff from Bill Moyer's journal? Don't you know he is a hard leftie who hates america&capitalism?

    On a more serious note, I watched sicko and I liked it and while Michael Moore frequently goes overboard, the good guys are portrayed as the good guys and the bad guys as the bad guys.

    If you believe any of the numerous numb nuts who rail against "government healthcare" people in (western)europe are dying by the millions, walking crippled, suffer horrendous birth defects disproportionately, etc. Right now your medical decisions are not decided by government bureaucrats (unless you are on Medicare/Medicaid) they are decided by insurance companies. Some treatements are deemed "experimental" and life saving medication is denied for this and other reasons.

    Republicans always trash anything run by the government, except one thing. You know what it is? The military. You know why? Because of rabid patriotism. You can never trash the military lest you lose millions of sure votes.

    P.S something is definitely wrong when a 25 year old non smoker male has to pay over $300/month to get health insurance. That is roughly my car payment.

  6. why stop there? how about our banking system, our automobile industry,

    ... next up our energy system. He could hire Hugo as a consultant.

    and hey, i'm aware that most of you are completely down with this ... that's what makes you leftists
  7. What we need is a tax freedom day clock,...

    I think today it is like May 1st or something... Give the Democrats complete control for a few more years ... it will likely be pushed back to Nov, before the ultimate goal is reached, Dec 31st.
  8. if you listen to the piece you will see how right wing talking heads are used by the insurance industry as dupes to spread misinformation and keep insurance industry profits high. i guess that makes people like you proud to be on their side.
  9. + 1

    The health care reform supporters need to mention that in their ads
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