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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by mark_mm, Jan 2, 2012.

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    I am looking at potential instrument I can trade, however I work full time in the UK and can only trade in the evenings (from 7pm-Midnight UK time) which is 2pm - 7pm EST. The forex market seems to go to sleep around this time, wondering if any futures markets had good movements during these hours?
  2. 2-4:15pm is usually good for a nice move or two on the indexes. Doesn't fill your entire available time slot, but there's some good money to be made on those hours.
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    Thanks for that brownsfan,

    I can probably start at 6pm UK time (1pm NY time) so can trade the NY afternoon. Just checking to see if it was possible before embarking on a long sim and research phase. I think this should give at least one decent opportunity for a day trade.


  4. 1) If stocks/energies/metals have a "crazy day", you can expect the resumption of trade to have some "movement" overnight. :)
    2) Keep an eye out for earnings announcements that can give the indices some movement after 3:30pm (Chicago time) too. :cool:
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    Ok nazzdack,

    Chicago is Central Time? Even better means it closes 9:15pm here so I can catch the entire afternoon from 1:30pm onwards. I always thought I would have to work from home or quit my job (Not likely) to day trade but it seems not.

  6. Hello Mark,

    I was in the same position a while back and for me, the index futures seemed like the best choice. Crude oil attracted me the most, but I was working during the most active period.

    I don`t recommend the approach you are about to embark upon though, as you really burn your candle in both ends. You will most likely perform worse in both your job, trading and personal life.

    Maybe your situation is different and you should give it a try yourself, but I found that I needed so much time on learning to trade that I really did not do anything else than trade, work and sleep (not much). It works for a period of time, but not in the long run (unless you actually are really successful and grow your account steadily).

    A better approach is to still work hard on your trading, but focus on saving as much money you can in your day job. Maybe you can work extra hours? Keep studying trading and consider if maybe swing trading is a better solution for your current situation. That`s what I would have done if I were to do it again. It still requires a lot of work and is a long process, but it is easier to take a day off and more flexible not having to watch every tick.

    Good luck.