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  1. bookish


    Do etfs usually start a brokerage for themselves or use someone elses?

    If they use someone elses, who is most popular.
  2. mervyn


    State street or BNY, or some big custodian firms, you can get the teaser and see who is doing the bookkeeping, and the money is held.
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  3. oliver07


    The ETF creation process begins when a prospective ETF manager (known as a sponsor) files a plan with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to create an ETF. Once the authorized participant receives the ETF shares, they are sold to the public on the open market just like stock shares.
  4. thecoder


    Btw, did you know: there is even a dedicated website for institutional investors:
    Just recently discovered, can't judge it's quality yet, also b/c poor me, I myself am not one of those folks :) ...yet :)
  5. Overnight


    Not anymore. Now it's just for retail hacks. You just destroyed them.

    The bottom line is, they are just another news outlet. WTF cares, man?
  6. oliver07


    Hope this had helped you.