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  1. I was trying to find a way to track the institutional ownership change every quarter.
    I can do this by check the 13F documents on sec.
    This is a very painful process to go for each institution fillings and check if they change anything by comparing the 13F document with the previous one.

    if a new institution added a new stocks to its positions , this will be hard for me to find.

    I used Nasdaq to check the ownership but it is not always up to date !

    I don't know if the SEC website offer a report for the change in the position for each institution or not. I tried to search but couldn't find anything useful.

    I am asking if someone know how to get such reports when it happen ? is there any website that do such kind of job ?
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  2. buh why? how is this going to make you money tell me?

    After all, the infamous fraudster Bernard Madoff also filed 13F forms on a quarterly basis.
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  3. I want to know the information for sake of knowledge. I didn't build a strategy based on it yet.

    Bet let's assume that you had a position on stock XYZ and you know that some institutions sold most/all of their positions on it.
    This can be a red alert for you to review your position and why they left.

    The other way round can still work. If you are interested to buy a stock and found some institutions buy with large amounts. this can give you confidence.

    Just remember what happened to Apple when Buffet announced that he left IBM and bought more Apples. the stocks was like a rocket.

    Let's ask the questions again :) how can I get this information in a neat way :)
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    Mark Brown isn’t worth responding to.

    I think Whale Wisdom has the info but you have to subscribe to it. It’s a lot of work to compile as hedge funds and warren buffet lobbied to make this as annoying as possible to access. Bloomberg as it as part of their professional service as well.

    My friend had an investment strategy based on reading 13F’s. I don’t know how well it performed.
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  6. comagnum


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  7. I checked but it is not free !

    I checked :
    it offers the changes of fund mangers.
    This is really helpful but it is not possible to see the change of ownership for a certain stock.
    I choose a stock and it writes who holds it but it doesn't give a track for what was changed for this stock ! :(
    still looking for a solution !

    Let's say I want to see if a certain fund manger or institution changed their position on MU
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    Keep using thier free bar charts; not that i would give up my candle charts. But they tend to offer a free e trail, when used enough- but sorry the days of free 10 days paper maybe gone.Best to record plenty of your own data also; like they will not blow a trumpet if a co increases debt 83%- it will eventually show up on thier free chart/underneath free chart.Get ready for much more bear selling of about all, maybe MCD, + some small caps uptrending-but more risky NOW for bulls......:cool::cool:
  9. %% Can work well in a good uptrend; maybe next year ??NOT a prediction:cool::cool:
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