Institutional Investor’s 2007 H.I.L.F.s

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    Institutional Investor just came out with its 20 Rising Stars of the Hedge Fund Industry. The goal of the list isn’t to name the most successful young stars in the hedge fund world, but to predict the hedge fund stars of tomorrow, which is an excuse for II to profile anyone it darn pleases. This is mainly why the 4 females on the list are true H.I.L.F.s, or Hedgies I’d Like to [Fund?]… and why II ensures that a few things will be rising much faster than the careers of the individuals listed.

    Out of the H.I.L.F. selection for this year, 3 of the 4 starlets seem like they actually do something, while the other one is a 28 year old blonde. Guess which one II used for its pin-up in the Table of Contents section?

    DealBreaker presents 28-year old Cornell alum Alissa Grad. Alissa is the Director of Marketing and Investor Relations at D.B. Zwirn & Co. Alissa seems like a smart, enterprising young woman (smart enough to not have a facebook profile we can rip embarrassing photos from). As only an ex-analyst at JPMorgan can, Alissa:

    - liaises with the $8 billion asset management firm’s risk management team and summarizes investor exposures in financial reports
    - oversees requests for proposals and other due-diligence documents
    - holds various industry affiliations and memberships
    - has dealt with sophisticated investors
    - is responsible for global business development, researching and marketing a variety of alternative investment strategies
    - is a fantastic speller

    We ask you to provide a translation of what all this amounts to (because we’re a bit overwhelmed at how awesome her “duties” are).

    Pictures of the other three H.I.L.F.s after the jump. (and you can read what they actually do here)

    Pictured -
    Anne Griffin - Founder and Portfolio Manager, Aragon Global Management
    Elizabeth Flisser - Partner, Capital Z Investment Partners
    Jennifer Coffey - Head of Hedge Fund Investments, HRJ Capital
    Sofia - Head Manager, SAC

  2. Damn!
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    I'm going to apply for a job @ SAC.
    I wanna talk to Sofia - in person!
  4. She's the 'head' manager. Sit back, relax and enjoy :D
  5. She is a director of marketing.... she is administrative staff.

    How is that rising star of hedge fund industry??

    Where are the female traders...
  6. We have to sit down with the ladies and show them ....!!! :D
  7. Those women will achieve their goal of being married with children to a hedge fund manager within 5 years.