Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management

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  1. kj5159


    Anybody familiar with this outfit? Came across some videos on Youtube with Anton Kreil talking it up.
  2. tommcginnis


    :wtf: No direct knowledge, just my reaction to the Anton Kreil name. I thought that BBC "documentary" {series??} was pretty cute, then heard all sorts of dubious follow-up, so.... :confused:

    I'd keep my eyes open.
  3. ph1l

    This sounds like a great deal -- for the "Institute" ;).

    Here is an external review:
  4. fan27


    Just watch his Youtube videos which are quite entertaining. He does offer some good information about the industry. From what I have seen from various sources, the essence of his training is:

    1. Formulate a thesis about a particular stock / sector / currency etc.
    2. Use technical analysis to help with entries and exits.
    2. Build a long/short portfolio based on your various theories.
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  5. tommcginnis


    I have been reading of some shady dealings with, too. Here's a good example -- two "complaints" cited by -- both from RipOffReports -- BUT THAT'S IT. Hmmmmm. And when you go to read the complaints? Sorry, but Anton Kreil's version of things sounds a whole lot more truthful.

    I'm not siding one way or the other, but these complaints are years old. Is that it? Not much of a scandal.
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  6. kj5159


    I was clicking around on Youtube and he was getting interviewed at some college in the UK, sounded legit. That review is hilarious though, anybody who is doing the stereotypical ultra rich playboy thing as marketing is a tool though I didn't see any of that.
  7. ph1l


    Some of their marketing:

    They will save you money:
    but avoid publishing any track record of their own trading.