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    how much is the minimum capital to work with the professional broker instinet?

    Do they only accept institutional or even private?

    Do you know the commissions for the Asian-Pacific market?

    My share market volume is around $ 2-4 million a day. But soon I will have higher volumes.
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    We have a relationship with them. Email me your name, phone number and I can pass that to them and they will contact you.
  3. For IB, how's changing the account to "prime broker" different from a regular individual/corporate account
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    It means you will use IB for clearing only and another broker for execution. This is more common when:
    • You want to use a broker desk or floor broker for equity or option execution
    • Have your own execution relationships
    • Have you own OMS
    • Require a hosted environment but still want IB for clearing,
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  5. So if I use IB as it is, for everything from its platform and data to trading and clearing, then there is no point to having a prime