Instinet Trading Hours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. I am curious what hours your broker lets you see the NBBO
    or order book for Instinet ECN

    my broker gives me access to Instinet from 3 am to 6:26 pm
    approx EST

    I have seen their NBBO quotes sometimes earlier than 3 am
    and it seems Instinet might have different hours according to their website

    "Instinet adheres to the following trading schedule:

    Trading ends at approximately 6:40pm EST and all orders are purged from the system.
    Trading begins again after approximately 5 minutes at 6:45pm as the next trading day.
    Friday evening from approximately 6:40pm to Sunday evening at approximately 7:30pm orders will not be accepted by the system but stocks may be quoted."
  2. I now see bids and offers ( NBBO )

    starting at 1 am (? )

    with my broker but I cannot execute until 3 am

    in the past I could not even see the NBBO

    for Instinet until 3 am
  3. is that Instinet is not making a market for any size in

    the QQQ + SPY this pre am 4:30 am EST

    perhaps by 6:00 am they will EST
  4. Instinet seems ot be making a market tonight
    or tomm ( 138 am est )

    wonder how come if these quotes are real

    they were not doing anything yesterday until

    late morning pre market ( perhaps 6 am )
  5. with all the members on elite trader there is no one

    who looks at Instinet outside of market hours besides me ?

  6. any techies at prop firms with access to Instinet

    order book etc care to comment on the hours ?