Instinet to Buy Rival Island for $500 Mln

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by just21, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. "Welcome to the new exchange" as they should soon have the majority of the volume

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  2. It would be funny if like 90% or more of the Nasdaq volume one day all goes to INCA and ARCA after both of their mergers are complete.Sure would make Nasdaq mad after all the money they spent on Supermontage.
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  3. I guess I don't understand how SuperMontage will work. I assumed ecn's would contiue to be displayed, but some of these comments seem to imply that INCA/ISLD or ARCA will be outside SM. Could someone clarify please?
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  4. qazmax


    Super montge will display tiered order price and size.

    With one click you can trade with ECNs and market makers alike.

    But... if you are not signed up with SM then your quote will not be accessible via Super Montage.

    AMEX is going to list Nasdaq stocks... not participaing in SM
    ISLD was going to but INCA wasn't so who knows?

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  5. Does anyone know how ARCA will change the way it routes orders once Supermontage rolls out? In addition,does anyone know what Supermontage will do if you place a bid below the offer or an offer above the bid?
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  6. qazmax


    ARCA says they are undecided...

    Only you must reister with SupeMntage if you want to post to book. Bid below offer. Offered above the bid.

    Orders sent to SM that are not marketable will be rejected.

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