Instinet to Buy Rival Island for $500 Mln

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by just21, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. skynet


    unite. The only reason Island came out in the first place was to compete against inca.
    #31     Jun 11, 2002
  2. it interesting that the honchos at isld are going to be running the show (so it seems). Maybe it's a 'reverse merger.'

    ILSD really came out to compete with NASDAQ..well, I suppose INCA too, in some sense, because it wasn't serving the average guy, but of course, neither was NADAQ (I did that on purpose). INCA then was even more of what it is now...apparently very important to some but to most, a curiosity.
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  3. stevet


    perhaps they have only joined together to give their new combined operation more clout in selling out to SuperMontage?!
    #33     Jun 11, 2002
  4. From what I heard on Nightly Business Report, Island executives will run the new company.

    Will SuperMontage still suck? Will it have market makers playing the same old MM games?

    Single stock futures will be the trading vehicle for stocks in the near future. The fair execution of electronic futures platforms will kill the funny game playing of the NASDAQ.
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  5. aaah OIC, thanks for clearing that up
    #35     Jun 11, 2002
  6. What will kill the game playing on the NYSE? (It's not funny there).

    Babak, I thought the quote was necessary here. What do you think?
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  7. I can see two possible strategic visions here: 1) INCA sees handwriting on the wall, realizes it's only chance of salvaging anything is merger with ISLD, combined company becomes super-ECN and makes SuperMontage a joke, or 2) forces of darkness realize now is their one chance to finally drive a stake through the heart of ISLD, which has been an annoying thorn in their side for years, merged entity will gradually backstab loyal customers and become member of old boys club.
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  8. Sorry for the delay in responding. Working for a living here trading. I know of no one making money being wrong. So yes, simply being right is the answer. Yes I know people who are making money by being liquidity providers. My wife sleeps with one. (insert your own joke here) Think about it. If momentum isn't working maybe the opposite of momentum is. The real problem with this deal is that Reuters took out a lot of money via some sort of dividend that I don't fully follow.
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  9. canuck


    they will fight anti-trust saying that their main competitor Supermontage is still the leader. It's a load of crap. Why has INCA been having finanial problems? Less trading in the market is one reason, and the fact they had to compete on price with ISLD. That is now gone. Look for rebates to decrease and fees to increase. What's left? THose damn MM never give me shares when i want them Supermontage will help the "customer"...yeah right. Try fattening the bottom line of MM's pockets.:mad:

    Crazy Canuck
    #39     Jun 12, 2002
  10. I don't think they will stop giving rebates. They need the liquidity providers to be there for the takers. The differential will probably get greater...
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