Instinet to Buy Rival Island for $500 Mln

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    Instinet to Buy Rival Island for $500 Mln - WSJ
    Mon Jun 10, 2:04 AM ET

    LONDON (Reuters) - U.S. electronic share trader Instinet Group Inc is close to buying rival Island ECN for $500 million in stock to strengthen its hand against increasing competition, the Wall Street Journal said on Monday.

    A marriage of Instinet, majority owned by Reuters Group Plc, and unlisted Island, its nearest rival, would create the largest alternative electronic trading network with more than a fifth of Nasdaq trading volumes -- second only to Nasdaq's own electronic trading platform.

    Instinet and Reuters both declined to comment. Island was not immediately available for comment.

    The journal, quoting unnamed sources, said Instinet, which had about $800 million in cash on its balance sheet, would also issue a special dividend of about $1 per share to current Instinet shareholders for a total of about $250 million.

    Reuters owns about 83 percent of Instinet.

    Since its initial public offering in May 2001, New York-based Instinet has cut 25 percent of its employees. During that time, the stock has lost more than half of its value, and Chairman and Chief Executive Doug Atkin has resigned. Instinet shares closed on Friday at $7.05

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    Hmmm. Wonder what their new rate structure will bring. INCA is .003 and ISLD is .0019.
  3. It's hard to say because of all the flux in the industry, but I could see this deal running into major antitrust obstacles. If ECN's are regarded as the relevant market, then you have number one and number two combining, with Island in particular being an innovative price cutter.
  4. qazmax


    Redi and Arca joined forces....
    INCA and ISLD may join forces...

    Does anyone know if any ECNs are joining SuperMontage??

  5. i wonder if isld will now kiss the establishment's butt.
  6. and INET has been kissing the butt for years.

    And so goes the ISLD.
  7. That's my hunch, anyway.

    I think ARCA will finally stand up to the NYSE.
  8. I'm skeptical the merger will be allowed. It'd be like allowing nyse and amex to merge. Clearly it's only in INCA's best interests. The only upside is that it will give ECN's more muscle against NASD/supermontage.

  9. we pay .0025 inca and free isld
  10. qazmax


    Anyone know...

    Will INCA and ISLD book will be combined into one?

    Will ISLD allow OTCBB and pinkies now?

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