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  1. Does anybody that uses this sytem have any comments about the system? Is it dos based or mouse based? Any comments would be helpful. Thank you......
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    GR8Trade is a windows-based program. You can get a free demo at :
  3. I've used it. I liked it better than realtick about a year ago. Like the guy above said, as far as I know you have to trade with them to use their software. That involves you paying about 50% (atleast) more than most of us here pay. ECN fees are bad enough but some offices they have and I think there internet product actually still charge you for cancels. Don't know for sure.

    That is a shame because the software is actually way beyond redi plus and some of the other more popular prop trading platforms. If you look at why Instinet paid up for them it is pretty clear that the software was a large part of it because the firm as a whole doesn't do anywhere close to the volume of the pro firms.

    Couple of features I really enjoyed with the software were that you could handle multiple positions a lot better than with most other platforms. I could often cover 30-40 positions in about 7 seconds but almost as good you set it up to cover longs only or 1/2 the position only or things like that. It was very helpful especially when news broke or you were wrong.

    The baskets are custom configurable. So for instance, If it looks like the futures are going to go. I could create a basket called "futures" and I could stick in a set of naz stocks and then set a key for it. So whenver the futures would ramp. YOu just click shift - "key" and boom, your long or short say a set number of shares of your favorite mojo stocks.

    Lot of software paltforms doing that now, but they had it a year and a half ago. The hot keys set up so you can quickly hide size, lay out .0001 bids or offers infront the whole penny, and basically find liquidity fast. They had direct connects to most ecn's when I left (isld, arca, brut, inca, and btrd).

    Also because Instinet owns them they might get a better inca rate than anyone else. Not sure.

    Worth downloading the demo. The software is good enough that a few small hedge funds are using it.

    Anyway, the software is aptly named if you ask me. To bad they bleed their traders to death with high commissions.

  4. I use it now and love the features. Protrader is starting to get more aggressive in pricing, but you have to work a deal! Stick to your guns. INCA pays .002 for adding liquidity. ECN book quotes come in about a second faster than than the naz nbbo.

    Uses INCA dot to access NYSE
    About 50 yea 50 custom okrder entry keys.
    Charting is great!

    They used to have problems with quotes for remote users, but it may be fixed now.

    It's been reliable and I continue to feel it's the best bang for the what I pay.
  5. Thanks for the responses. I might be switching to that system and I wanted to know how others felt about it.