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  1. I think this functionality is available via direct INCA terminals only. I don't think a b/d with a direct connection to INCA could necessarily enter these types of orders. Nonetheless it is pretty interesting that they have developed these proactive features.
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    Echo's website now shows INCA chgs of .3c/share
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  3. Thanks Vinny1,
    Seems as though you are right about the pro-activity. I have used INCA more times then I have cared to in the past while scalping ( usually try to avoid it if I can). Have always accessed INCA through a direct connection vs. through select-net but have never had orders go pro-active, not that I was aware of anyways.

    I think in order to realize this function through INCA you must be trading using an Instinet terminal, (which I do not have) like DATTrader said.

    Thanks for the heads up though, interesting info. that probably would have slipped by me otherwise.:cool:
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  4. I'm still showing the old charges.Where do you see the new charges?
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    What is a proactive order?
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