Instead of QE where banks get sacks of money, why not QE to the people?

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  1. You cannot force demand by cutting corporate taxes? If there is no demand for goods and services and company X with 10 employees able to produce 20 widgets a day but demand is 5 widgets a day will not hire people.

    even with a taxcut, they will just pocket the taxcut. no tax cut will make a company hire with no demand. thats just bad business.

    QE fails because the billions just end up stored in vaults for carry trade or just reserves it goes no where.

    So to spur demand of goods and services the only real way to do it is QE to the people (ie 10K check to everyone) or a big WPA type depression program and put everyone to work.
  2. The people have QE, its call the EARNED Income credit. Pay the brokest, stupidest lazy people that shit out three kids. Reward their great failures in life with a check for 7500 in cash every spring.
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    Everything flows from jobs -

    More tax revenue
    Less unemployment and program payouts
    Happier nation
    More sales (more tax)
    More profits (more tax)

    The list is endless

    Why Obama and his legions of advisors didn't focus on that from DAY ONE I'll never know or understand.

    Churchill was right when he said -

    "America always does the right thing - but only after they've tried everything else"
  4. I sent a message to Obama suggesting that, as a make work project, he should look into constructing canals along the banks of the Mississippi that ran down to the Gulf of Mexico and thus minimize or eliminate floods in this area instead of relying on the jetties. I thought that this idea, if feasible, would generate thousands of jobs.

    His website said I would get a reply and I never did. Guess he was too busy bailing out wall street.
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    Surely thou jests. If you have a job, money and self respect then you really don't need Big Government. The more of those things you have, the more you see a sprawling, tax-sucking, bloated, wasteful bureaucracy devoted to incomprehensible regulations, laws and rules not only as not helpful but deliberately and actively trying to stop you (and everyone else) from achieving even more. They steal money from you as taxes, steal even more from future generations as borrowing, then use all that to make it even harder for you to achieve things on your own.

    If you can make it on your own, then WTF do you need obama and the democrats for? And if one cannot make it on one's own, how do does that person feel about so many others being capable of it? What does that do to a man's sense of worth? If one were lazy, incompetent and just plain didn't give a #@*&, wouldn't that person be happier without a bunch of Type-As running around making him look like the loser he knows he is?

    To think that The One, his cronies and their ilk (including a sorry@$$ selection of GOPers) have any goals in common with the original principles of this country is to display one's substitution of an awake-dream of a dewy, flowerfilled meadow with unicorns and butterflies in place of reality.
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    Sadly, I think you make some very valid points there.

    Sickening isn't it. Not too much different in the UK either.

    I got a parking ticket recently so challenged it in court. It took 3 court sittings (over 2 months) to come to a decision (I lost).

    When I walked out I suddenly realised there was probably a government/court conspiracy to suck as much money from the average person as possible.

    In a small government world, the parking ticket should have been sorted in less than 30 mins. Bam, pay the fine, next case etc.