Instead of paying a cash dividend, this is what GOOG is doing with retained earnings

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    Funding hobbies, such playing astroids with real ships.

    Or this.

    Google is being criticized for spending billions on research projects that end up on the "trash pile," taking value away from investors. Here is how self driving cars are being considered by those with an investor's perspective:

    "...robot-driven cars aren’t even legal anywhere but (where else?) Nevada. And so far, there’s clearly work to be done making them really roadworthy..."

    "What’s all this got to do with Google? That’s a question shareholders and others have asked for months."

    “Why is Google spending the $10+ million of shareholder money per year the project consumes (15 engineers, plus drivers, plus the cars). Isn't there something closer to its core business that Google could spend this money on?”"

    "Bottom line: Driverless cars won’t be on US roads for awhile. A long while, perhaps. In the meantime, one of the Internet’s leading companies is driving away with millions in shareholder value."