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    I'm considering to try instaquote for both equity and options trading. I'm not planning to daytrade much but swingtrade. Does anyone know anything about this software and how does it compare in terms of execution, charting and reliability vs more established rediplus and realtick packages. Thanks!

  2. It's the next best thing to RealTick. Their are some advantages and disadvantages to Instaquote. But in general it is a pretty good system. I think the best thing about Instaquote is setting the thing up intially because most of the charts and colors are done already so that you don't have to do much in configuring it. Setting it up is done pretty quickly. Quotes are good.
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    Thank you! Is it fair to say that instaquote is geared more towards position trading and not daytrading? What are the disadvantages of this software?
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    Can anyone help...debating whether to go for instaquote or hammer...not planning to daytrade aggressively, but rather sing trade...anyone know pros and cons of these two execution systems? Thanks!
  5. I wouldn't say Instaquote is geared towards position trading vs scalping. There are hot keys so it can be used very quickly if you wanted to be more active. The thing that it may not have is the kind of order types that the Watcher had which alot of scalpers used and liked(spray orders, ecn now orders, etc...). But in general, Instaquote can be used for scalping, swing, daytrading, or position trading. Its a pretty well rounded software for all types of traders.
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    How much does instaquote cost? Which prop firms/brokers supply it?