InstaQuote - WinLink to Visual basic

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joe19314, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Joe19314



    I want to set up an API-connection between WinLink and my Visual Basic program.

    Is there anybody who can help me ?

    Thanks fpr your help !

  2. mdg


    I might be a little late to reply to this post.
    I have done some interesting experiments with the WinLink interface to InstaQuote.

    I was succesful with the following things:

    - perform a login
    - get a time and sales feed for multiple tickers
    - get a levelII feed for multiple tickers
    - open a batch order entry window
    - execute a batch

    I was unsuccessful in:
    - getting historical data (only data that was manually requested passes through ...)
    - gettting a datafeed from a detailed quote window (InstaQuote does not reply ...)

    Stuff I still haven't tried:
    - portfolio management
    - order management

    Just send me a PM if you want more info.