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Discussion in 'Trading' started by renian13, Jan 4, 2009.

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    Happy New Year All !

    So I was play around in my papermoney account for TOS.

    I was buying at the bid price and selling at ask for E-Mini S&P 500 futures, there was no delay from when I place the order and when it filled. As long as the price was = to my limit, it filled immediately. I made over 20% on the $100,000 account in a couple of hours.

    But when I tried that on my real account, the order would not fill fast enough.....

    I thought somebody somewhere has got to be making loads of money by doing this.....

    My question is how does one get the instantaneous fills? Become a floor trader?

    all comments would be greatly appreciated


  2. Paper trading is useless. You have no participants in front of you to fight for the fill.
  3. renian13


    Thanks for your reply !

    Do you know if floor traders can get instantaneous fills?

    I remember reading somewhere that some of them just buy at the bid price and sell at ask ?
  4. No. Its not that easy. You can get instant fills by taking offers or hitting bids. Just simply putting an order on the bid does not guarantee an instant fill or any fill for that matter.

    Like the previous poster said, paper/simulating trading is not a good representation of the real world.