Instant Messengers?

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  1. Can someone please point me in the direction of an IM (instant messenger) that will allow me to communicate with people using various IM's such as yahoo, aol, paltalk, etc., etc., all from the same IM???


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  2. MarkB


    The most widely used all-in-one is Trillian.

    There's a free version, and a paid one with more features. You'll be giving up some features from having the individual programs though, like file transfer (possibly) and voice features.

    It worked well when I tried it. But at least at that point, it required that you had the other programs installed first (but not running) since it needs to import the contact lists from each.

    Another one to look at is Odigo.

    Let us know how it works out :)

  3. MarkB,

    Thanks a million :D Trillian looks like just what I need!

    PEACE and good-trading,
  4. WOW you can connect to IRC on this thing as well!!!!

    Thanks again Mark :)
  5. Who'd want to talk to you Commisso.:D
  6. MarkB


    You're welcome! And yeah, I know people who use this for irc as their sole irc client.

  7. DaveN



    Thanks for the useful information! I want to have a look at Odigo.

    I've been using Trillian Pro for quite sometime now, and it's been great. Yeah, it will work as an IRC client, but I rely pretty heavily on the highlighting, events, and scripting that many others offer. I wish Trillian did this.

    On another note, I *despise* those IM's like messenger and AIM for all the junk that comes with them. Plus, they are screen space hogs.... So, I never intentionally install these, and if they are on the computer already, I uninstall them immediately. The only one I use besides Trillian is Yahoo! Messenger for the voice feature.

    Given that, my Trillian Pro managed to find and setup all of my accounts (Y!, AIM, Messngr) without a hitch. All in all, it has been a great program. It's very flexible, with lots of options. I use a "microscopic" skin, which really helps me keep the space requirements down.
  8. MarkB



    Did Trillian load your contact lists from your accounts directly? Or did it require that those lists were available on your PC as generated by the individiual programs?

    I wish Trillian had more interactivity with irc commands too! But for what it does, it's pretty cool.

  9. DaveN


    It loaded them from the accounts themselves. I did not have the lists on the computer. In Trillian Pro, I did the setup for each account, and it logged on to each one and downloaded the lists. I did have to rename most of them, as the email name is what's initially being used for the list.
  10. MarkB


    Interesting DaveN, thanks for the info! I must have been using an earlier version.

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