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    ok guys got a questin for ya, do you have to install xp over another operating system like win 98?> thats what people tell me, well two guys, so i figured i run it by you guys. If that is the case then XP is what- jsut another patch or something for win 98? i thought that it would be an operating system in itself. Any thoughts or recomendations- (stay away from xp get win 2k, etc... ) thnx guys
  2. "(stay away from xp get win 2k, etc... )"

    You said it yourself.
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    XP is that bad? i use 98 and the memory management is just killing me, i cant take it anymore. i heard 2k is ok but some problems w drivers and all, and then people say XP is the one to go with. so kinda confused here.:confused:
  4. no one here can say that XP is bad. any one that tries to even say this is a moron. no one has enuf experience with this new OP to make that judgement. they all say well i have a friend or has a friend and he said its junk. give me break.
  5. The upgrade installs over another o/s. The full version is a clean install. I just switched over to 2000Pro and didnt have any problems but I did a clean install. I think a lot of the problems arise when you upgrade another o/s.
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    I would not say XP is bad, I previewed the software for a few weeks.
    Overall its ok.

    But to be on the safe side, I would wait for a 'must install' service pack to be released before moving on to XP.
    By then the service pack should resolve most of the OS's issues.

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    In my humble opinion, XP is by far the best operating system around there currently.
    It's definetly way more stable, faster and reliable than all the other MS OS's. I'm using it for about a month now and had no problems at all. Furthermore such features as the integrated remote desktop are great.
    But to come up with your initial question, it's not just a w98 patch, waymore it's based upen an enhanced NT Kernel and not on the crappy w98 one

    If anyone has any specific question about this OS, don't hesitate to ask ;)
  8. I subscribe to PC magazine's writers Biweekly email called the Langa List from Fred Langa. It is available here

    Really great writings with a lot of computer advise on different ideas.

    I have quite a few numberous negative things about WindowsXP especiallly security issues (everyone is treated as an adminstrator instead of different levels) So something to think about. Some of the negativity comes from Fred who I highly respect. The WindowsXP is written on the same platform as Windows2000 so driver problems will be the same. That is why Windows2000 is so stable. (I've had it for 9 months with never a crash!!!)) Compare that to the other platforms such as WindowsME and 98.

    Nic is right do a clean install format your harddrive.

    Robert Tharp
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    Hey megrean:

    question> when you install xp over another operating system in this case 98, any suggestions? i could just do it right off the bat, or is it better to format the drive, put on 98 and then immediately put on xp and then start loading porgrams, and drivers - etc...
    so is there any good way or proper way to put this stuff on? i dont want to have to re do it several times and have problems w/it. any help is appreicated. thnx
  10. As an aside, I saw an OEM version of 2000 Pro on the net for $210 which is not much different from the full version of XP
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