Installing Win 7 64 over XP 32 and keeping progs and settings

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mokwit, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. mokwit


    Did anyone ever come out with a method or program that allows you to upgrade from XP 32 to Win 7 64 bit and keep all your installed programs and their settings as functional?

    Vague memories of some program that allowed you to do something like this (maybe with the use of another HDD)

    Was I dreaming?

    I don't expect anyone has come up with a way to upgrade like it was installing an XP upgrade over XP, but was wondering if anyone found a way to avoids tediously reinstalling 8 years worth of programs and associated settings
  2. Yes, dreaming.

    Almost always better to do a fresh OS install that to "write over and upgrade" existing OS.

    If I were you, I woudn't bother to try to put all of your stuff on a W7-64bit rig. I've been putzing around with W7 on one of mine for a few months, and I don't find it any faster or easier to use... in fact, I find is slower and annoying. If there are obvious reasons to use W7, I haven't found them. Oh sure, a little thingy or two here and there... but in general, not.... and CERTAINLY NOT enough to motivate me to switch everything over to W7.

    W7 is not faster on the internet, doesn't launch apps any more quickly, is slower on shutdown.... it might boot bit faster, but I don't have my usual compliment of peripherals or software utilities on the W7 rig. If I did, might be slower on startup.
  3. If you turn off themes and adjust the performance to "Best Performance" vs. "Best Appearance" or "let windows do what it wants" then you will find that W7 is the same as XP or can be even faster. (in my opinion of course)

    I don't think that you can install the 64-bit over a 32-bit operating system - I tried a few times and it always said that I must do an advanced/custom install which included a format. One of the challenges is that W7 uses a different size "system reserved" partition than XP. This along with a few other things prevent the OS from being installed over the other.
  4. nickdes


    I loaded Win 7 Pro a few weeks ago and, it is a slight improvement over xp, I think!!!! LOL Of course this is only subjective on my part, no data tests at all. However it seems my T/S and charting runs smother. Again it is only my opinion as I have no data t-fer tests on my old and my new system
  5. There are "migration" programs to allow users to transfer all from their old rig to a new one. Not sure if it works for transferring a 32-bit rig to a 64-bit, but maybe.

    If you have lots of programs to migrate, likely to take several hours.
  6. Bob111


  7. 7 is faster, is much more efficient at multi-threading and runs cooler as a result even consuming less power.

    To answer OP's question, you could do a dual boot setup if you want. Make sure to run the Win7 Advisor before you do anything. It will give you a heads up with respect to getting the right drivers, etc.
  8. mokwit


    Bob Thanks This may save some time if it will transfer settings from XP to W7 but unfortunately:

    "All your programs must be reinstalled on the new computer, because actual programs are not migrated by the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Moreover, some programs have to be installed before their settings are transferred. "

    Avoiding mass reinstalling is what i was hoping to achieve, although If I migrate the prog folder over with some this will include settings files.

    Additionally, some of my 32 bit programs probably have 16 bit installers (did W7 find some way of accomodating this issue in the end?)

    Looks like I am out of luck unless the Acronis pro program can do anything? Long shot but it can migrate an existing installation to a completely different machine.

    My motives for upgrading are based on the fact that I do it so infrequently that it makes sense to think far (far) ahead.

    The primary motivation is > 4GB ram possible and going forward more programs will assume this. Also if enough of the driver and dll issues are out of the way then this pending upgrade may be as good as any time to switch to 64 bit, especially as I am hoping 64bit Excel with >4gb RAM can handle more DDE/RTD links.
  9. jokepie


    Do a clean install, fresh and no dumb upgrades. save your self pain.