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  2. Is this monthly or yearly because Ronaldinho makes 10 posts a year and ears 2 million Pounds and Khloe makes 2 posts a year?
  3. Well, that's huge!
  4. These guys make crazy money!
  5. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    A lot of sheep on instagram that will buy whatever these people post. Even people with like 30k followers can charge around $30-$50 per post.
  6. Wow, this is just amazing. I didn't know that Ronaldo and Selena Gomez earn so much money by just posting sometimes on instagram. I wish I could do the same, just travel or do my ordinary things and hobbies and gain about 1 million dollars per year. Life would be much easier, you know. However, I heard that influencers also earn a lot of money advertising some brands like H&M, Gucci, Nike, Zara, iPhone, and even Tesla or Mercedes Benz. So I am thinking right now, how can I receive more followers, likes, and views. Or maybe I can buy instagram views using a special service?
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    Amun Ra

    Instagram theme pages are the only way to make money if you're not already famous or extremely beautiful with a perfect body. There are plenty of theme pages you can buy for $100 online that have real followers. If you try to buy followers, they will all vanish within 30 days.

    If you buy an account, make sure it has good interaction so it's attractive to advertisers. Making money on instagram is a business and you will end up spending several hours per day on it.

  8. Exactly
    You are right they r sheeps
  9. I don't understand a little why they are making a lot of money with the help of Instagram?