Inspiron E1705 and 2 Extra LCD Monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by danger66, May 31, 2006.

  1. I purchased the Inspiron E1705 because one of the Dell Support people told me that it was the only Dell laptop that allowed you to connect two extra monitors two it.

    I explained to the rep that the E1705 had Express slots instead of PCMCIA slots, which prevcented me from using the VTBook PCMCIA dual head video card. The rep told me not to worry and even confirmed with a co-worker that the E1705 was able to take two extra LCD's, for a 3-display (2 LCD + laptop's LCD) configuration.

    When I received the laptop, guess what? You could only connect one extra LCD - not 2!

    Now I'm stuck because I alrady transferrred all of my programs, email settings, etc., so I can't return it.

    I looked at the Matrox DualHead2Go, which splits one VGA connection into two, allowing you to connect two LCD's to one VGA slot, but it is not compatible with the Inspiron E1705. So I'm pretty much out of options.

    Does anyone know any way to connect two extra LCD's to my E1705? Dell surely doesn't and if they do, they don't want to tell me.

    I am not aware of any external dual head video cards that can be connected to an express slot.

    How about an adapter that turns my express slot into a PCMCIA slot, which will allow me to use the VTBook?

    Your suggestions are surely appreciated.
  2. i bought the e1705 and at first i thought it was very buldky but now i really like it. so when i plug another monitor in the page what do i do go to the windows page and activate a second monitor? if not how do i activate the second monitor? yes the express slot is a pain in the but. if you ahve an air card or a wireless card to gewt ectea range on your laptop it's no go with the express slot. but dell says all will be using soon.
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    Which laptop will allow you to connect two extra monitors? I did a search for this and ended up at this thread. Looking for a cutting edge, state of the art, kick ass laptop with this ability. I have a Dell desktop with an Appian Jeronimo Pro quad card that lets me run 4 monitors and it works great even though it's outdated maybe. Cost $1000 in 2000, The video card that is. Almost as much as the computer :)