Inspirational video for achieving your goals in life

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    Don't be afraid to fail. Also pretty funny.

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    Much needed! Thanks for sharing it here.
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  3. Good one!
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    Here is another one, a skinny, unassuming college kid who was taken as #199 pick in the NFL draft and became the GOAT quarterback with 6 SB rings.

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    Awesome! Keep them coming guys.
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    This is a video of the well known story of how Ray Kroc screwed the McDonald's brothers. Or is it? If you look further then that, you will see a 52 year old salesman with diabetes who restarted his life and created an empire, while not being afraid to get his hand literally dirty by helping the janitor:

    The point of the story is that it is never too late, and even well into midlife you can pivot and start from scratch.
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    The fact that he incorporated pics into the speech, for those who are chasing dreams/goals as well, - it creates this surreal feeling of transcendence (between listener & speaker), especially, it hits perfect at this point :


    If some space ambient music would be added on top, would be perfect.

    Great speach. Thanks.
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