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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mrmoose, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. mrmoose


    I am a equity trader who has basically only traded opg for several years. I am looking to expand into afternoon trading and think that I would like to use filtering software. The only two I am acquainted with are insite, which i used some years ago and trade ideas. I am looking to find relative strength situations, breakouts and the like. I am especially interested in stocks that have price action and volume in the afternoon as opposed to stocks that moved in the morning. I would like people who have used these platforms to comment as to if they suit my needs.
  2. Truff


    Insite is much better. Its now called "Traders paradise"
  3. mrmoose


    traders paradise you mean it has a time machine that sends you back to 1999?
  4. rtrading


    I highly recommend trade-ideas.... especially for the price. I am sure you could also get a free trial from them as well.

    Does anyone have a link to insite filters?
  5. what's nice about trade idea and my current fave tymora pro is that they both have highly involved/evolved and intelligent management who listen to their clients and will quickly develop exactly what you need.

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  6. azouz


    can anyone give me the link of insite software.
    i think its, but it is not working.

    Also any feedback about tymoraPRO, the software seems very interesting.
  7. TradeIdeas IS impressive..... a lot of thinking went into it...obviously by some experienced traders.

    Whether or not one can use it effectively remains to be seen, and as usual, this requires much back-testing and homework. All of these indicators and measures are worthless without a quantitative analysis of their effectiveness and usefulness.

    However, no question, this software makes execution-only software like Lightspeed look ancient in comparison.