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  1. DMFist


    For anyone that uses Insight , you guys probly know they got bought out and is not going to be available pretty soon to other Prop firms..
    This market scanner / filtering program was phenomenal and I was wondering if anyone can make any recommendations for any software thats similar or as powerful.
    The only thing I found so far is Madscan , and its nowhere near as flexible as Insight was Im still on the lookout
    Anyone have any good reccomendations?
    TIA and have a great day
  2. QuantBot


    Insight has been around since the late 90's. It was acquired over a year ago by Kershner Group in Austin TX. They plan on keeping it proprietary, assuming they're still around in another year.

    Madscan - Been Around for a couple of years maybe? The founder of Madscan was a former Trade-Ideas User who thought he could do it better ;>

    TradeIdeas - Providing Real-Time data to Traders since '03.

  3. Joe EGan

    Joe EGan

    On Time Alert, LLC has been providing Insight/Whisper to professional traders since 2001...starting January 4, 2010 we will make available our own trade scanning software See our web or emai your request for a free 2 week trial to :

    Joe Egan
    Managing Partner
    On Time Alert, LLC
  4. Hey Joe
    Can your scanner scan interday for stocks with positive earnings and a positive earnings trend. I haven't found one yet that can do that.
  5. QuantBot


    I checked out the Website, what I really found interesting was the the FAQ under the 'support tab'.

  6. wow.
  7. joe4422


    zack's research wizard scans for earning's trends
  8. Thanks Joe.
  9. Here is a letter we posted a few months ago explaining the rationale for taking Insight off the market.

    Good trading,

    Andy Kershner
  10. 1strader


    I trade with AMR Capital and they still have the Insight software. Good guys, good shop...been around for a while...think they are/were a branch of RBC
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