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  1. No reviews on this product on this site so I thought I'd ask for some feedback from current or past users.

    I spent a few months using FirstAlert and loved it. I've got some ideas for some filter based trading I want to start doing and was going to sign up for FirstAlert again, but someone mentioned Insight to me. As far as I can tell, FirstAlert is the top of the heap, can Insight measure up?
  2. Can you elaborate on that at all? Maybe compare strengths and weaknesses if you've used both. I'm only talking filtering capabilities, not charts or other features.

  3. hedgez


    if anyone else has opinions about insight's software, please write in.

    filtering capability?
    ease of use?
  4. When I used insight it was $1000 per month and can support 5 users at this level, $50 for each additional user. Insight is more complex and can perfom more detailed filtering, but for a single user I would use 1st Alert.
  5. reliability both are good, ease of use 1st Alert is a snap, it'll take a couple of weeks to learn insight.
    speed ...same
  6. would anyone like to trade insight formulas for nyse securities. i have quite a few.
  7. I tried to contact Insight a while back when some of the traders in the office were interested...not much of a responce. Anyone have a contact over there? Please private message me.


  8. I've used both extensively. Here's my take:


    First Alert: Aweful
    Insight: Oustanding


    First Alert: Easy
    Insight: Difficult


    First Alert: So-so...Very limited chart criteria
    Insight: Best in the business--BY FAR


    First Alert: Excellent
    Insight: Horendous


    First Alert: The worst in the business
    Insight: Reasonable


    First Alert: Outstanding
    Insight: The worst in the business


    First Alert: Reasonable
    Insight: Reasonable


    First Alert: Decent
    Insight: Piss-poor


    First Alert: OK but limited custom filtering capability
    Insight: Basically it's the same product limited to 1000 symbols or so

    (The above are my opinions based on experience. Hope they help!)
  9. Re: shortinterest's comments

    I use FirstAlert every day and was previously a Tradestation user. I have never used Insight so can't comment on that. Regarding your assesment of First Alert, I agree with you except for the comment on Charting. I think that's their biggest shortcoming. The functionality and ease of manipulating charts in Tradestation blows First Alert away. The data maintenance issue is also a big problem (which you do point out). I may be naive relative to sophisticated users but I find First Alert's "filters" and "alerts" incredibly empowering. Within the first few hours of using it (back in June) I created 2 filters that I still use daily (a longs list and shorts list). I've created many others since then and spend a good part of the down time during the lunch time and after the close, experimenting with new ideas.

    As an interesting aside, I find that my colleagues, many of them great traders, don't utilize filters at all and in fact many use it just for quotes, time and sales, and spooze charts. Full disclosure: I'm fairly new to NYSE "real" trading. I would love to share filter ideas (I have a very limited repertoire but its expanding).