Insiders Pick Romney Over Perry To Beat Obama

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 1, 2011.

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    Max E.

    My first vote will be for Ron Paul, but because he basically has no shot, im hoping for Romney. Both Perry and Romney have their demons in terms of spending, but Romney has actually spent a significant amount of time in the private sector, so im thinking he will be more effective when it comes to the economy, and im not religious, so i really couldnt care less about the social issues.

    Plus if i close my eyes and listen to Perry, he reminds me of Bush far to much, and that scares me.

    Must be an incredible power trip to be in Christie's shoes knowing that he could step in at will and be guaranteed the presidency. Wish he was running.
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    Me too.
  4. I don't believe christie could step in and walk off with the nomination. He would have far more issues to explain away than Perry or Romney. He seems conservative because he faced down the teachers' unions, and I give him tons of credit for that, but I doubt he would resonate with the southern, evangelical base of the GOP. They have probably done polling that confirms that, which is why he is reluctant to jump in.
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    Obviously his weight would be an issue, too.

    For jumping, I mean.

    ; )
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    Max E.

  7. Lucrum 1 post behind agreeing with maxipad...what a surprise.You're both delusional if you think the fat man could win the presidency
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    Max E.

    Forgive me if i dont take your opinion on politics seriously. You were dead set on the fact that Sarah Palin was running, and spent many months copying and pasting new threads trying to discredit her, when there was no chance in hell she was going to run. Plus you say you will vote for either Ron Paul, or Obama, when they are polar opposites on the political spectrum.

    Just like with everything else, you seem very confused when it comes to politics.
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    Christie might trip going to shake Obama's hand at the debate and fall on him. It would be like squishing a bug. :D
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