Insiders indicate long-term bottom

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    The inside bet
    Commentary: Insiders are betting heavily on bull-market rebound

    "To be sure, the week-to-week numbers are volatile. For that reason, Vickers also calculates an eight-week moving average that is the ratio of all insider sales over the trailing 8 weeks to all insider purchases. For the eight weeks ending Friday, this sell-to-buy ratio stood at 1.39-to-1. Vickers considers any ratio below 2-1 to be bullish. The last time that it was actually this low was in November 2002, just after the 2000-2002 bear market hit bottom."

    46% of the Brokers polled stated that they are keeping their clients money, right where it its....

    LOL.....BOTTOM IS IN :eek:
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    short interest at record highs and insider buying at record highs as selling at lo pe ratio...pretty bullish indicators.
  4. Link is not working for me.

    I would like to see the raw, cold, sterile, clinical data.

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  6. Thanks, Mvic.

    I'd actually be more bullish if insider selling was another negative weighing the market down.

    It's as if the final leg of capitulation is taking forever.