Insider Trading

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  1. Some bigots say that Jesse Livermore is no longer interesting and that his philosophy no longer applies to these modern times. Maybe they are right, but my humble opinion is that those concepts related with human nature are timeless. People haven't evolved much since the Middle Ages.

    One of the things Livermore suggests is to keep an eye on the insider trading, it is always good to see the people that know the company from the inside buying their own stock.

    Surfing on MSN Money I took a look at Google's insider tarding information and I found out that Sergey Brin sold on January the fourth and fifth 252,945 shares (more than $110,000,000).

    Hopefully this doesn't mean a thing.
  2. roscko


    You say its important to keep an eye on insider buying then post an example of someone selling. Its not the same thing..

    -people buy stock for one reason
    -people sell stock for who knows how many different reasons

    But I do agree with you that insider buying is important