Insider trading. Why cant it be stopped?

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  1. Ok. Insider trading realy hurts honest traders like you and I. And yet they only do cosmetic arrests like martha stewart. Who cares about your 3k shares martha? Not me.

    Well enron had to go down. No choice about that. But did they realy have to take down every pension with them? Dumping while telling all their workers to not worry?

    That brings me to todays little tidbit of insider trading.

    Stock symbol IOC.

    No news. Yeah right.

    These people need to get arrested.
  2. IOC just came out and released its report about 5 minutes ago.

    How blatant is this case of insider trading?

    Price dropped 30% before the news was officialy released.

  3. Martha didn't go to jail for insider trading. She went to jail for lying about it. Insider trading is nearly impossible to prove. Unless there's a massive paper trail or the offender is an idiot with a big yap.
  4. Lucrum


    It was legal prior to the depression. At one time the supreme court even ruled that it was a perk of being a corporate executive.
    Trading mostly stock indexes I don't personally care much either way but here is another take on the subject:
  5. Oh so the SEC changed its stance on insider trading!

    So all you have to do is tell the truth that you did trade with insider information and its all cool?

    come on....

    Please look at the chart.

    Stock went from 44 dollars to 26 dollars in a matter of hours yesterday. Then they come out with horrible drilling news today.

    Stocks dont drop 35% just by chance and no news.

    This is blatant insider trading. Someone needs to go to jail.
  6. "It was legal prior to the depression."

    So what? There was also no electronic trading where millions of grandpas and grandmas base their retirement on the movement of these stocks.

    There is a reason that these rules were put in place. To protect the little guy.

    Or maybe Im wrong. Maybe they were put in place to give the little guy a false sense of security.
  7. unfortuanately,everyone on this board would take advantage of insider info if the opportunity arose and anyone that disputes that is a liar. example,if you guys owned XYZ stock and you met the ceo at a cocktail party and he told you they were going to warn;you mean to tell me you would hold your stock and not sell because it was insider trading? the only reason one would even consider not acting on insider info is fear of getting caught and not because of moral reasons.
  8. I agree with the executionor comments (in spite of not being alble to spell his name).

    "Ok. Insider trading realy hurts honest traders like you and I."

    Suppose the headline read "Markets are fixed, they are crooked, honest traders need not apply." Would that deter anybody? No. Everyone piles on then bitches afterward. A snake is a snake.
  9. IOC was awesome volatility today and great trading.

    And stocks always move before news is released. That's just how it works.
  10. Dude.. Im not denying it was good volitility and awesome for trading. What I am saying is that what happened was blatantly illegal . Stock went down 35% a day before the official news was released.

    How inefficent is the SEC that it cant do diddly about it?

    What a farce. Its a shame.
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