Insider trading survellaince waste of taxpayers money.

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  1. fanews


    Obviously, Galleon doesn't think he was guilty of insider trading to be convicted on 15 counts!!!!

    Either the guy wants to be busted or he is on witch hunt.

    As for insider information on long positions, the average joe investor is not hurt when price goes up due to buyout or privilleged information.

    Remember insider trading was no illegal prior to 1934, the illegality of insider trading is subjective.

    Waste of gov't legal fees investingating these b.s. case. there is more serious crimes like FRAUD and market manipulation.

    and how many years of prison?

    Who cares about wall street. wall street is a joke anyways.

    he be out of prison and back in action.

    What waste of millions investigating these one case when 98% of insider cases goes undetected or prosecuted.

    SEC and wall street is a joke.

    these bastard market makers and goldman sachs network makes insider trading feloney. who gives fuck about your fucking rigged casino con-games. wall street is bullshit.