Insider trading on Goldman??

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  1. Anyone notice how Goldman's volume and priced SPIKED in the last 15 minutes.. esp when the futures were tanking? When was the Buffett news made public?

    "Blue Horseshoe loves Anacot Steel.. and Goldman Sachs"

  2. it went like 4 points,while no one can short the stock. thats not a huge move. if you look at Friday, and Wensday the same thing happend, the last print was much higher then where it was trading 10 minutes before. i dont think buffett was buying an extra 50,000 shares so he could make an extra 250k on his trade. lol
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    Someone obviously knew. It was soooo blatant.
  4. Check out all of the coordinated spikes around 6:00pm and with the Buffet /GS news coverage... Fake enthusiasm... 30 minutes earlier the sky is falling to we are on the road to prosperity bs...
  5. YM Manipulation
  6. NQ Manipulation
  7. yeah "soooo" blatant. did you notice the 3 other times this has happend in the past 4 days? did i forget to say GS is not trading normal since of the no short? market goes down, whos shorting GS since its not shortable?

    Think this way. If Buffet or Goldman is acting on insider info would it not be easier to buy say MS, XLF, SPY, anything diffrent then GS? think about it. someone who is that smart and in that circle will go unnoticed rather then let some hack on elite trader notice him
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    Are you a fucking idiot? Look at the intraday chart...the last 5 minutes it blew the stack off...up 5 pts. Not to mention it was trading at $113 in the early afternoon. And why the fuck would MS move on news that Buffet has a stake in GS? Arbing a fat-finger trade?

    And do think the guys at Goldman just open up their TD Ameritrade account and buy some GS stock? No, they tell their buddies on the street over at Morgan or Merrill (or whatever IB is still alive) and trade favors or split the profits. Or they have an offshore a/c.
  9. Yep im a "fucking idiot" because last time i checked i didn't see your name in trader monthly for the past 3 years, or on bloomberg and cnbc.

    All im telling you is look at the weird trading in ALL banking stocks the past 3 days. oh yes, look at the market close on goldman friday, it printed 4 points above also.

    thats the dumbest thing i have ever heard, GS employees on there AMTD accounts. Since all those accounts are looked at by GS, they get the statments

    " And why the fuck would MS move on news that Buffet has a stake in GS"

    this is honestly the dumbest comment i have ever seen. DO you even trade stocks? Good Goldman news=Good news for MS

    looks like MS was up more on a % basis after hours then goldman. WOW that is some "fat finger"
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