Insider Buying

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  1. the lowest monthly figure in 6 years, and the lowest amount of quarterly insider buying since the 3rd quarter of 1995.

    And we are supposedly heading into an economic recovery phase?

  2. Maybe they are finally afraid of being caught being crooked.
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    The negative effect of insider selling supposedly takes place some 6 to 9 months down the road.
  4. Then who buy ? The same idiots at least if it is for long term short term it was not a bad idea indeed :D

    In fact there are not many long term independant traders so the long term buyers are the (your, our) retirement funds ... There isn't any law that fordbid that except deontology since the chinese wall is so thin can't really count on it huhu. That's how the insiders profit from the public money. Stock market is mainly driven by liquidity even acadamic research admit that it is more liquidity than fundamental thet drives stock market directly nevertheless liquidity depends somehow on fundamental: as long as the majority of population is working there is liquidity to feed the market. When the population will get old less liquidity and so you can expect that the insiders will have dumped their stock before that time.

  5. Futs buyer(s) from undisclosed location:D :D :D

    Let da printing Fed presses pump dis baby up:D :D :D