Inside the Trading Empire of Bright Trading

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    A behind the scenes look!
  2. emg


    no slot machines, crap tables, blackjack table, poker room, bingo room, sportbetting, show girls, and buffets?
  3. cstfx


    Why is just about every prop office a dark, depressing existence? No wonder so many want to trade away from the office.
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    There was a craps table in the hallway.
  5. The dude on the camera sounds like is about to have a heart attack anytime soon, can hardly breath...
  6. Ah geez.... ok, me using the camera, yes I have pretty severe breathing ailment that has caused me to have to work from home for the last 8 months or so. Hoping to get better, so I can get back in the office.

    I did this a couple of years ago.

    That's a poker table in the office, LOL.

    Agree about the remote trading, 90+% of new traders are remote, thus eliminating the need for so many offices.

    And, thanks Mav, for thinking of me, LOL.

    Happy Holidays everyone...

    Don :)
  7. lwlee


    Damn, I recognize that guy. He was on Ultimate Cash Game, gambling away client's cash. just kidding :D. Bob is a good poker player, tight and aggressive.

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  8. Several years back I was in Las Vegas, after having spent a week at Mandalay Bay I had a few hours to kill before my plane left, so I went by Bright Trading. I wanted to talk briefly with Don Bright but he was in his office on the phone, but while waiting around I decided to go to the Gun store down the street. I ended up renting some machine guns and used up all my extra time, and had to head off to the airport. It was the middle of the day and the office seemed somewhat deserted, most traders were probably off to lunch...or trading remotely. The video reminded me of that day.
  9. lwlee


    Reraising Dolly with just A ace. Damn! That's better than Matt Damon bluffing Johnny Chan in Rounders :D

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