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    and why when these leftists get their worldview realized it is destructive to western siciety.

    I am an atheist but agnostic on deism, I think that people are tribal creatures and there isn't that much special about us aside from being so smart compared to other animals. I don't want to debate theists who claim that we have a special soul from a god- I understand where you come from. It's the wackado liberal 'thinkers' who hold all people are 'good' and equal are the more dangerous in my opinion. Clearly after a minutes thought we know there are bad people, however when you are an academic type liberal not bound to bald facts and logic you can invent your own realities. Who pays these morons anyway?

    It is ironic that these libs, who spent so much time tearing down christianity, would suddenly befriend Islam. It's a case of the enemy of my enemy, or anybody who is not a white western conservative male must be worthy of blind acceptance. Sweden is that liberal mecca that americans always reference when they want to say how good things would be if they had their way.

    It is well known (meaning do the google research yourself) that muslim immigrants are raping swedish women at 5 times the rate of the native population. It is well known that muslim leaders condone it, and also condone violence against Swedes. We don't need to go into that stuff since radical muslims are understood as pretty vile creatures.

    I can't understand a population that lets these vermin in, gives them support, and then goes to great lengths to apologize for them. The swedish media sanitizes news reports by removing references to muslim immigrants, swedish liberal thinkers go to great length to whitewash the data, and the one that REALLY gets me slapping my head- they blame the native swedes! Never mind that it is illogical to first claim there is no problem, but then blame native swedes for said problem. How is it that these losers turn on their own people? I don't get it????

    Recently Sweden was named the rape capital of Europe. So out come the liberal apologists to make sure that first the stats are wrong, and that secondly even though the stats are wrong they have good reason to show why rape may be higher and it is not the Muslims' fault. Go figure... but check out the reasons why this is hand waved away.

    Sweden is also proud of its generous policy towards asylum-seekers and other migrants who may not instantly comprehend what Gender Equality means here, or that not explicitly violent or penetrative sex acts are understood as rape. That doesn’t mean that non-Swedes are rapists but that a large area exists where crossed signals are likely, for instance, amongst people out on the town drinking

    So this women just got through a tortured aplogetic of why the stats are misleading, but then says Sweden is PROUD to have a large population of Muslims who don't understand that forcing someone to have sex is rape AND that it the Swedes own damn fault for being out drinking! She also claims later that laws don't help!

    What can I say but holy shit, good luck sweden. Sweden can burn, but i'm worried about the irreversible liberal policies here. It really is like religion among them, when we go from far right to far left we just trade one religion for another. Good luck USA
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    I follow sweden because it is the ideal held up by the american left as what we should be.

    Almost any system will work for a period of time given the right conditions, sort of like trading systems. In regard to the immigrants issue, I am interested why it is so good to bring in large numbers of obviously culturally hostile aliens. Why in hell would one take the 'perfect' society and experiment like this. The upfront answer is that the left pushes multiculturalism so hard that they almost have to. I believe the hidden agenda lies in hatred and guilt. Hatred of anything white western male combined with some sort of weird guilt pattern. Both are self destructive.
  4. Your brother may be charged with fraud but because he is your brother you do not accept the FACT that he committed fraud.

    Faithful optimists will always think positive even when the situation is dire.

    Loyalty will always override common sense. Especially when that loyalty leads power hungry individuals to power.