Inside The Job: The Movie

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  1. Good Heavens what a beautiful land.
    Thanks for the video.
    Wasn't Iceland the country where people were blowing up their Range Rovers to claim the Ins. pymt?
    How old is this movie?
  2. Propaganda film at it's finest.

    Second, ICELAND was founded on socialism. They were never founded on principles of Capitalism. Their population is the size of a small town in the US.

    Third, ALCO is in bed with the same Parasites trying to destroy America, the Socialist. Infact 90% of the PUBLIC TRADED COMPANIES do not have their philosophy embedded in Capitalism but in Corporate Socialism and Global Corporate Domination.

    If ICE LAND would have had Private Local Companies, develop the energy, mining and banking, they may have faired far better than to allow the "GLOBAL CORPORATE SCUMBAGS to rape their land.

    It's not saying that the Local Private Companies could not partner up with Outside Private Interest.

    However, GLOBAL CORPORATIONS and the VERY PARASITES that want Equal distribution of wealth like SOROS are in bed together.

    ICELAND brought on the Destruction herself.
  3. About 2000 years ago, a very intelligent, young Jewish man said "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
  4. Germany is spared of this crisis, because they got rid of bankers decades ago.
  5. BCE


    This won the Oscar for Best Documentary this year. And it won the Directors Guild award and the Writers Guild award. It's great. A must see.

    BTW the name is "Inside Job" not "Inside the Job". :)
  6. It's a really great documentary. Very sad that it received limited release, it obviously had appeal. I wonder why...

    It explains the financial crisis and why banks failed very well in deep detail, it keeps it simple to understand but will probably teach you a few things. It's also going to show you a few things you didn't know about. Overall, given the free link just provided, it's a great 2 hours not to be missed.
  7. Agreed.