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Discussion in 'Events' started by Andre, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. Andre


    Hey folks,

    This Thursday, March 13th at 4:30pm Eastern we will welcome Don Bright to the Elite Trader chat room for a discussion on the state of our industry-trading.

    Fresh from the Online Trading Expo, and meetings with people from all levels of trading, from Wall Street to individual traders, Don can comment on a whole range of issues. Plus, he's generally likes to help out. We'll be covering specifically:

    Stocktrading as a Professional vs. Retail
    Current techniques and tactics
    Don’s successful Opening Only strategy
    The whole trading industry - ask the tough questions!
    Reality training - who is doing what.

    So bring your questions for an informal discussion with Don Bright in the Elite Trader chat room on Thurs., March 13th at 4:30pm eastern.

  2. Banjo


    "Fresh from the Online Trading Expo, and meetings with prople from all levels of ......"
    are prople people after they've been prop trading for a while, always wondered if they became separate species.
  3. Andre


    Maybe my typo has inadvertently created a new acronym?
    prople=prop people
    It does seem a different type of trader.

    Oy. I coulda swore I spell checked that. I did fix it.

  4. i think i heard don say on his radio show this weekend that bright traders as a group made 60 million last year. i wonder how that worked out? did the top 50 guys make a million and the rest small amounts? maybe don could explain that in more detail.
    also how are the remote traders doing. are the doing as good or worse than in house traders.
    i also would like dons thoughts on the new nyse rules and how it will all shake out for traders.

  5. Andre...

    I must say...

    Great job with all the Chat events...
  6. Just refreshing the thread....hope to include many of you on Thursday....

  7. seisan



    Please explain bullets and conversions used by professional equity traders.

  8. bmwstox


    I'd like to check it out. Don is knowledgable in the area. I don't beleive the media has given us traders a fair shake. I beleive it's b/c that is the lines they are being fed from the major wire houses.

    - BMW
  9. Good, we'll discuss bullets and conversions. And to bmwstox, I'll be happy to share what's going on from our end of the industry.

  10. Don,

    I am a futures trader, one who has never traded stocks. Are there any tips or techniques that pro stock traders use that would translate into the world of stock index futures traders?

    How could a futures trader benefit from tape reading for example?
    #10     Mar 13, 2003