Inside the cult of crypto

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    Inside the cult of crypto
    Debate? No thanks. Doubts? Not welcome. How the world of cryptocurrency diehards really works

    Chris DeRose was noodling away on the internet when he stumbled over an intriguing post on Slashdot, a forum for extremely online hyper-geeks like himself. “How’s this for a disruptive technology,” a user wrote on July 11 2010, enthusiastically describing a decentralised, peer-to-peer digital currency with no central bank, no transaction fees and beyond the reach of any government.

    Using computers to solve cryptographic puzzles would earn people “bitcoins”. DeRose was intrigued yet unconvinced by the concept.
    The young Floridian programmer struggled to see what utility it might serve. Many others on the forum were also sceptical. “Hey thanks for trying to post something all edgy or controversial or whatever the hell you think it is,” one replied.

    All this changed with the rise of Silk Road. The “dark web” marketplace, launched in 2011, convinced DeRose of bitcoin’s potential.

    Finally, the cryptocurrency had found its “killer app” and could become real digital money. And his fascination took flight.

    Regular board game nights with friends morphed into bitcoin nights at the local pub. By 2013, DeRose, then aged 31, ditched his successful computer consulting business and threw himself wholeheartedly into the mushrooming cryptocurrency world, becoming a popular if controversial podcast host........

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  2. Meet people who mined a ton, sold out at 200$ a coin, made close a million and left…well you get the idea.
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