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  1. Ok it seems slow but that depends on what your watching. In the madness that is descending upon me I am realizing I sold a boatload of Cavico (CVCP )at 49 cents for a nice loss, swore off penny stocks forever- only to just see it at $1.50 a month later. Like the devil I feel myself turning VERY angry. Do you make good trades when your angry folks?

    More stocks look bad than good to me. Presentations are being made and attended well like KERX at JP Morgan's Health Conference. I know the company well been in and out over the years (out now) they have a good story to tell my sources say their presentation was standing room only three deep- very well attended what happened next. Down. JAKK had a cute idea a video game plug-it-in-and-play system. No game console needed $20 a game. They unveiled at the Vegas expo. Thud. I think management forgot the power of the portable DVD which is - it get's the child away from the main TV and their product plugs directly into the TV- thus taking away adult time. Stk straight down.

    All could feel lost here Bush speaks more war Somalia on in play, more troops,... Latin America markets spiraling down, Chinese stocks correcting hard... Russia down 6%...or is it just energy really making things look bad today? Acoa and the usual big industrial types ought to be benefiting mightily from lower energy prices... but are they that low? I'm seeing panic everywhere in the stock world yet it's still near $3.00 a gallon in the freakin' suburbs.

    Pulled MVIS out of Barrons for you all a while back- putting it back on the radar today. Looks strong.
    Check out the one day on CHDX around 11:00 today Jesus! That's called a key reversal day folks! It was about to take out $19.40 now you can have it for $18. (where I've had it twice!)
    WITS has a very strong technical posture now. RS is a bit high I would expect a slight pullback and would JUMP at a chance to get a $19 handle. Accum is very good. MACD crossed it's EMA past divergences have brought big runs for this stock. Looks like it could go back to it's highs of $24- $25.
    Who's got a take on CPSL? Man China Precision Steel, I'll say they are precise, precisely UP. This was $4 in DECEMBER! $10 later here we are Just getting going on the NASDAQ.
    Gossip mongers are still chirping about DDSS "any day" they say. I'm uncomfortably waiting. We are up 50 cents since I put the idea out here on ET. As well whisper stuff about a stock I've never heard of with they symbol DIO...
    For some reason I've had a STRONG URGE to reach out and grab BEBE stores after their miss the other day. From what I can tell in the trades and everything BEBE has a strong concept, they are not oversaturated they are bringing out a sport line with Eva longoria from Desperate Housewives & they have that great Misha Barton commercial! I'm not sure if that's a reason to buy but it certainly merits a looking into.
    SI signing out.
  2. I can tell you are intrigued by it all.

    I'm interested on what's inside your crazy mind in regards to GM if you've looked at it much.

  3. Whatup Shawnovision! Can a stock be a short and a long? I guess that is the question with GM. On the fundamental side At this year's auto show, GM touted a revived effort to launch an electric car, a new concept sedan, the Chevrolet Volt, which is an electric car of far superior quality to the EV1, a billion dollar project to produce electric vehicles that GM abandoned years ago. This looks to be a floppo until they find the right battery. The Volt would travel as far as 640 miles on a single tank of fuel under a combination of engine and battery power, though GM conceded that the project still depends on a breakthrough in battery technology before it can be viable. GM also signaled a renewed focus on its car lineup with its new Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Camaro convertible and Cadillac CTS.

    For me the only car of interest is the Cadillac series in fact when my OLD (1991) Benz wagon with over 100,000 miles on her finally ceases to transport me I will be looking at a gently used model of the Cadillac crossover- wagon /4 wheel with the big sunroof.

    Technically the question becomes: Is $29 the bottom or $25? We are down from $36 but with no great fundamental news I would have a hard time painting a picture of a return to the highs when people we're talking leverage buyout and partnerships with toyota. So the proper way to play it would be to hang loose and wait for GM to break above it's 50 Day MA to go long or perhaps take a small short position now with the theory being that there's a few dollars to the downside before a rally up to where a lot of big money played with the stock in the low $30's.

    Recent brokerage house comments are suspect. Goldman did one of those Price target tweaks that just smells of them getting out of the stock at your expense- all the while maintaining a neutral- and as you know along with this company comes a whole boatload of high yield debt.
  4. Still thinking on this GM & doing research... You know GM recently awarded battery contracts to a division of Johnson Controls AND a high volilitility play ENER.
    Other news of interest on ENER:
    (ENER) Energy Conversion: Merriman notes that in December, ENER announced a $15 mln order for solar photovoltaic material from Biohaus PV Handels GmbH (Biohaus). They note that this order is expected to be completed in 2007. Firm estimates this order represents just under 5 MW of solar PV material, or approximately 17% of the co's annual capacity from its existing Auburn Hills #1 facility. They also believe the co is close to signing multiple new licensing deals for phase change technology. They speculate the recent white paper submitted on phase change memory development by IBM, Qimonda (QI) and Macronix could be a leading indicator of licensing activity with this group, or some form of this group. In addition, they are anticipating more product announcements from current licensees (Intel (INTC), Samsung, STMicroelectronics (STM), Elpida, BAE, and Nanochip) over the next few quarters.... Despite an ugly chart ENER may be the play here.....
  5. Heres the rub. ENER's partner...

    Energy Conversion: Cobasys awarded General Motors contract to develop lithium-ion battery system for plug-in hybrid - January 04, 2007 10:28 AM ET

    Related Quotes
    Symbol Last Chg
    ENER Trade 32.82 +0.32
    Real time quote.

    Cobasys announces they have been awarded a contract to develop and test lithium-ion battery system technology for the General Motors (GM) plug-in hybrid electric vehicle program. Cobasys will be working with its partner, A123Systems, to provide complete battery systems featuring A123Systems' proprietary nanophosphate technology. Cobasys has been selected as the Tier 1 supplier to integrate lithium-ion technology for the next generation of battery systems. Cobasys is a joint venture between Chevron Technology Ventures LLC, a subsidiary of Chevron (CVX) and ENER.

    The question is does Chevron really want to help develope a battery that will hurt oil sales? Are they for real a "green" company or just posers ready to drag this battery technology out for 5 years?
  6. Quit smoking shit!
  7. I'm top tier my friend, both in stocks and smokeables.
    somebody give me a read on INPC! ASAP!

    Listing their wares on Amazon... I like todays trading flat open and a real buying surge on no fresh news. I have a $11.36 order ready to go into the system. S&P has a $13 PT I think it looks much higher. Anybody know this name?
    I've been talking this one up and indeed in the last couple of days it's acting like the news is about to break. apparently Cannacord up in Canada has this now as their top pick in life sciences- not bad for a busted bio... already taking in $'s from overseas sales- we know their pain killer works... could go class 1 or class 2 that's where it gets tricky. Class 1 and it's off to $9. These guys have let me down before so I'm on the fence....

    Who's feeling lucky with the FDA?..........
  9. Got My Price Folks Market Bedammed INPC @ $11.32. I think I did well today. Sorted through a lot of crap and found one really healthy looking play without any hype.

    Now my only fear is that Mr Market sends Bush a message tomorrow.

    My remaining task is to figure out wether to take a stab at TSTC again or if this Olympic news isn't all that...
  10. INPC UPDATE* $11.52 and climbing!
    I needed that. For some of those whom I pass my advice onto 20 cents means quite a lot, I however am a home run hitter. Lets take out $13 base and keep going!

    ACH folks. That's your next buy.
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