Inside is what NBC doesn't have the guts to mention about China during the Olympics.

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  1. 19 years, you still can't forget?

    I was in the Tain-an-man square student movement, but I want to look forward from now. China has made tremendous progress already.

    There are lot of things we should not forget. Why don't you mention that whites wiped out American native indians? China was invaded by 8 European countries in the beginning of 20th century?

    Nobody's ass is clean, but life has to move on.
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    I thought maybe it was that the China opening ceremonies failed to even make a nod towards the Greeks.
  3. a good piece of wisdom, i will try to remember it.
  4. LOL at american propagnda and brainwashing:

    it was worth 58,000 american kids to die in viet nam fighting communists.

    but supporting a brutal chinese commie regime is ok. Check how many Made in China items are in your house. You support commies.
  5. wake up. China financed you buying these stuff.
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    Apparently, communism can work in countries filled with people receptive to it ....

    I'm Sure As Hell Not Receptive To it
  7. You'd be surprised how many people like the idea of a government that purports to take things from rich people and give them to the proletariat. They have ways of dealing with those who are unreceptive to the idea.
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