inside information, you like? I like? Short the hell out of ME Markets

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  1. I can't name my sources, my friend would possibly kill me :D

    Stuff is gonna happen you might as well make a buck.
    A guy I know who works for AIPAC told me there are hidden troop movements in US right now and that they are preparing to hit Iran together with Israel. He said it is safe to short all the ME markets including Israeli market.

    And if you think I am high or something, have a look at another AIPAC guy saying they need to make a false flag to usher in war.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Expect to see bunch of dead Americans or Israelis and then War Baby :D
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    how much have sanctions cost Iran in last two years alone? 10, 20 Billion or more? Stupid mullahs will back down only when F22s are revisiting the bombed out sites for confirmation.
  3. I am sorry can you run that by me again.
    How can Iran back down when Iran will be attacked?

    Are they supposed to just die when told? I don't get it. Or are you referring to made up WMDs :D
  4. Back down from what?
    How can you back down if I am coming with a rifle to your house to kill you?

    How are you going to back down?

    Did you miss the video where Lobbyists want to kill innocent American citizens to launch a war?
    Are you considering volunteering? So that we kill you and blame the Iranians?

  5. It's pretty fucking simple actually. Iran can give up its WMD program to the satisfaction of Israel, or it will be forced to by the military might of Israel and the United States of America.

    There is no way Iran can win any of this through war.

    You must be one of those anti-semitic types.
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    He's a reader of "alternative" media and a believer of perpetual motion machines.

  7. Why bother shorting ME markets?

    If you really think something happens, long oil or USO calls.
  8. You must be F'in insane, not even dumb, dumb won't cut it.

    Both Israeli and US intelligence agencies are saying Iran is not building a nuke.

    And here you have a video posted by me of AIPAC Lobbyist arguing for MURDER of innocent Americans or Israelis in order to justify war.

    And you still got the balls to come here and say that I am the bad guy.

    F'in insane pal
  9. I am glad you showed up friend

    lets send everybody to this thread so they can see what a moron you are.

    As for you starting an argument with me over another subject,

    AGAIN, I will point out that AIPAC lobbyist in the video saying we need to kill innocent Americans to justify attack on Iran.

    And you are so completely brain fogged and stupid, that you believe that man is your friend, and I am your enemy.

    On the second thought, if you are a paid poster from Israel with war agenda, heck, I AM your enemy in that case.
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