Inside Info on What Obama Will Change First

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  1. Ok, here's the scoop. A friend of mine that's on the Obama LGTSC (Lets Get This Shit Changed) committee told me these will be the first changes Obama will make before he spends his first night in the White House.

    1) Change out those boring Presidential Limo wheels for some of those huge, chrome, spinning, clown wheels.

    2) Remove those outdated John Wayne and Ronald Reagan DVD's from the video library and replace them with titles like "Yo Moma's Big Butt", The CrackPipe Kid, and "Spank that Ho One More Time".

    3) Paint over the flag on the tail of AirForce One, with a portrait of Bill Ayers.

    4) Non stop MoTown hits will be played during daylight hours at the White House. Strongly considering changing the name to Black House.

    5) He's just gotta have a huge poster of Louis Farrakhan's "Mother Ship" somewhere in the Oval office. Advisors are strongly opposing this.
  2. SICK
  3. Like to dish out Republican jokes, but can't take Demo jokes, eh?

    It's going to be a fun four years. :D

    6) Install Home Depot's "Big Girl" toilets in all guest bathrooms for when Oprah or Queen Latifah stays over.
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    But I don't think Oprah actually poops on her own.

    What's the deal on Farrakhan's "mother ship"?

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    7) Replace annual white house easter egg hunt with annual white house slam dunk contest.
  6. Have you seen Obama's "Supremes Court"

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    Another KKK Sob Rally In Progress.

    Obama won simply because he is the best and truck loads of white folks voted for him including some KKK dragons who couldn't stand that incoherent Palin.

    Whites are the majority in this country, so victory for Obama would not have been possible without votes from a large percentage of the white population. Mind you its the educated, decesion makers in society white folks that generelly voted Obama in that group includes KKK dragons.

    Is generally the uneducated and poor KKK foot soldiers who continue to grieve and spew out blind hate and they will in no doubt remain blinded in every way by their hatred of other races.

    Obama is right here as President and he is here to stay like it or not, its a reality. You will be in for another shock when you see he will be the most supported USA Pres in History both Internationally and Local folks alike.

    The majority have spoken. Get Over It You Racist Morons.
  8. Obama knows what he is doing. He is a calm person who likes to think first. Obama had a party ready explode on him because of the protracted primary battle. But he managed to heal the wounds with Clintons and clinton supporters enough to win.

    Rahm Emanuel, lawrence summers, Rubin those are former Clinton administration dudes. What that should tell you, is that obama wants guys who know what they are doing. Obama may even dispatch Bill Clinton to deal with the issue of Kashmir.

    Remember when during the convention, Obama devoted several days worth of speeches to Clintons. Bill Clinton loves to be "the man" of the democratic party. To the extent you allow him to do that you will have the loyalty of Bill Clinton.

    Hillary could go to the Supreme Court Bill could soak up international attention. Obama knows that governing will be even harder than getting elected so he needs competent people first and foremost.
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    See. That's not funny.

    Better -

    Replace White House Easter egg hunt with an annual whino hunt for bottles of mad dog.

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    BO and Clinton may be on the down low.

    Jus sayin.

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