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  1. I've heard that by doing and saying crazy things while under stress (trading) will take the pressure off you. Our office took this to the extreme: we got so insane that we are now just insane... period.

    Dr. Genis (those who know will understand)
  2. Good trade, no pressure, it goes on it comes off effortlessly

    Bad trade, you start doing crazy things
  3. BLAAST...I'm losing my ass on this one. lol.

    zhil bil dr.genis.
  4. She packed my bags........
  5. Insanity? You want insanity? First, it starts off like those old high-school film-projectors that go apeshit and the screen goes bizzerk while the audio sounds like it is being broadcasted through an industrial-sized fan.

    Then you progress to the stage where the film is over yet nobody is around to shut it off. The film-wheel continues to spin while the end of the film leader slaps against the projector. "slap ... slap ... slap."

    Something then just "shuts off" in your brain, and you feel all emotions simultaneously. Love and hate, anger and jealousy, betrayal and loyalty, etc.

    Then you feel this "heat" that you just can't describe, and the voices start to get louder and louder (mind you, the film has already ended -- there should be no more voices).

    Rage overcomes you as you both want to be everything and nothing all at once -- you feel the raw power of the atom unlocking in your very soul -- a nuclear meltdown of spiritual proportions.

    "Slap ... slap ... slap"

    The film is long over.

    Then your thoughts turn primal, as your consciousness allows the sub-conscious to take over. You are awash in your deepest fears and propelled by your strongest desires.

    There is a knock at the door, but you know nobody is home. The porch light is on, but the house is deserted.

    That is insanity at the beginning ...
  6. i think i just became insane from simply reading aphexcoil's response lol.
  7. pre hour..and i'm gonna be..sooooo high *inhales cig*

    by the way, u forgot your Salems.
  8. Aphie,

    When I sold you those mushrooms

    I didn't say to eat the whole bag..

  9. lolol. this explains the post lol.
  10. :eek:
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