insane out of the money calls LOL

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  1. Man I sold Oct 18, 31 calls for GE at 38 cents a share. WTF talk about WAY out of the money calls.

    No way in hell GE is going to trade 31 any time soon. Well another month of easy premiums.

    Love this volatile market.
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  3. It may had been a good sell ..but why bring bad juju to your position by booking it before it expires.

    Confidence is good but arrogance will bit you in the ass.

    The market will eventual humble you.

  4. If you sold them for more than $0, someone else thought there is a chance in hell...
  5. True but looks like house wins. I am itching to book my gain now its pretty respectable on this call. Maybe I can write another wed. :)
  6. Wow. You must have sld about 250,000 of them right? Cause why would someone trumpet about a winning trade unless its the one that allowed them to retire.

    Good for you.
  7. How are you feeling now? Funny things happen when you go to the bank before the trade settles.

    I hope you have some defence to fend off the short squeezzzzzzzzzzzz going on in the financials.

    GEJC 0.50 +0.45 2,603.00 0.50 0.51 11,608.00 31.00

    Bad juju will always get you eventually. Sorry bro but I hope your premium selling portfolio was diversified.
  8. Where is the OP? Should my group put the VS on and pull the equity up next week perhaps?

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