Insane Opening

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by mskl, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. mskl


    I've been in business for almost 20 years and I've never seen anything close to this mornings open.

    Check out the opening in WDR - opens at $41 on the NYSE and seconds later offered at $30.

    There were so many crazy ones....

    Does anyone know where the ES Sep futures settled?
  2. Insane open and an insane close. Personal favorite was RE...
  3. Pandemonium. I had a huge gain, but a million different positions and was trying to liquidate at 9:30 in an orderly fashion (Never look a gift horse in the mouth) Got up at 4:30 AM to try and sort out my strategy.
    Congrats to all who survived this absofuckinlutely insane week.
    Back to the Jager! Ciao
  4. "9:30" and "orderly fashion" in todays market just sounds plain weird. Good job!
  5. Perhaps a little bit too crazy for some.

    It appears that some trades are being broken.

    Another tread states from the NASDAQ they are breaking a full hour worth of trades for some very big names.

    Sure doesnt pass the smell test if true for me. Sounds like some market makers trying to recover.

    Otherwise I have never seen anything like it either. With so many stocks being on the banned list it was hard to find ones that I could short during the "sucker surge"

    What a great day though. I would expect that we will have a two for one sale. This one was on the way up and when the market figures out what this will do to the govt books we should get the other side.