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  1. I've been looking for a firm which will allow me to trade remotely through Excel or a simple platform.

    *$5,000 deposit seeking 10:1 leverage
    *No license (must be non-professional w/data agreements)
    *No non-compete agreement
    *No intellectual-property agreement (meaning you don't get mine simply because you're acting as my broker - and since I'd be remote I won't be privy to your algos or anything else proprietary)
    *Payout (99 - 100%)
    *Payout timing negotiable
    **If you're not a credible firm don't bother PM'ing me**

    I was speaking with a nice fellow at a firm out west but the contracts they wanted me to sign weren't desirable on my end of things (hence the aforementioned contract aspects). They were 100% upfront about it though and acted very professionally.


    PM if interested.
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  3. Perhaps the lack of response sort of sums it up?

  4. Contact JC Trading and they might be able to help.

  5. Chris is a stand up guy and very smart.
  6. I have spoken with Chris but Jeff too is very professional. Andrew who handles the ops does a fantastic job and is a big help in many many ways!
  7. 5000 @ 10:1

    GOOD LUCK bruva. Unless ur talking forex, :D

    In this volatile market, 10:1 in what instruments?

    Man, 5K @ 10:1 on top of that. Good luck.
  8. That really isn't crazy at all. With 50k in BP, he can buy 1000 shares of a $50 stock. Unless he plans on letting that run 5 points against him, that's conservative leverage - at least for intraday trading.
  9. I consider 10:1 with a prop firm very conservative. The ones I've been speaking to have offered 15, 20, 25:1. However, they also wanted me to sign a contract stating any systems, trade ideas, businesses, etc. that I develop while under contract with them was their property, not mine which is absolutely absurd. An honest firm should be willing to review a contract and make changes as necessary, especially since you're not doing a trader favors - they're the ones filling your pockets with commissions.

    In terms of volatility, I use an oversold indicator I developed so for the purposes of this account I'm long-only (no short-side risk). I trade stocks that meet the following criteria:

    Current Ratio > 3.0
    30d avg vol > 400,000
    market cap > $2.0 billion

    There isn't great risk in my strategy, although there's always risk.

    Again, I'm willing to negotiate on some of the terms but the following must be met:

    No Non-compete agreement
    No Intellectual property agreement on my side (I'll agree not to disseminate yours, obviously)
    I need Non-Professional status
    No license
    $5,000 - $7,500 deposit
    Willing to pay higher commissions due to lower avg share count than others
  10. Here we go again....Any firm that would throw you 50k based on 5k is asking for trouble...I know. I know...Im going to be flamed by all these traders telling me how everyone does it....but Its not a good business have no skin in the game IMO
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