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  1. I am interested in hearing about how you handle input from your spouses when they give tips and advice on how you should trade.
    It sounds easy to blow them off and just say "I got it" But to keep a healthy relationship you probably need to do it in a tactful way.

    The reason i ask is I have a spouse who cannot stop telling me what to trade and when I make money to keep going in while its hot.

    I have told her to stop it multiple times but she says "I Love learning about the market and I'm just giving my opinion".

    Does anyone else out there have a spouse that cannot stop giving their "opinion"?

  2. Give her her own account and let her do with it what she likes. Most likely she will stop trying to control what's in your account.
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    I agree. It might work. If your wife tried trading by herself, she s likely to understand that in most cases nobody requires advice.
  4. True that. While opposite to the OP's situation, my GF is constantly asking me for investment advice (as she is just beginning) and I really try to push her away saying that she needs to figure it out by herself, or she will never make any money from it. Even if it's as simple as putting all her money into SPY or whatever.
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    She doesn't get involved unless I am down a figure on the day (>$100K) and it's always, "maybe you should trade smaller for a while." She is a UCLA finance and Russian language grad but she doesn't understand what's going on in the account. I am not sure that I do.