INP, 20plus% Above NAV

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by floridadon, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. Does anyone follow INP? Today, it went up to close above $110. INP.IV dropped this morning to $90.48. The escalation in price does not seem reasonable, or did I miss some major news?
  2. S2007S


    started following this stock in the 50's, never bought, however it seems wayyyy overbought right now.
  3. it's been like that for awhile. we haven't been able to figure it out.
  4. It did drop back several weeks ago to where it was trading with little or no premimum, now it has accelerated on a negative day for the Indian markets.
  5. Instead of being an ETF, it might be an ETN, the "N" stands for Note. It has equity, interest rate and currency risk along with foreign investors who are bidding up the price above the NAV.
  6. S2007S


    down 20% from its high.